Junkyard vs. Salvage Yard 

What’s the difference between a junkyard and a salvage yard? At Bessler’s, we use these terms to mean the same thing: a lot with junk vehicles where you can come and pull auto parts. However, other yards and industry professionals occasionally use them differently. Learn the difference between “salvage yard” and “junkyard” from the experts at Bessler’s U Pull & Save.

What is a salvage yard? 

A salvage yard can refer to a business that purchases the leftover scrap metal from vehicles and recycles it. At Bessler’s, we recycle all parts of the vehicle. Once nothing more can be pulled from it, we bring the car to our crusher and compact it down to make it easier to recycle. 

What is a junkyard? 

A junkyard is a lot that is full of old “junked” vehicles where people can come and pull usable parts. Junkyards will purchase your vehicle for a fair price, especially when a dealership won’t let you trade it in for a new vehicle. Even if the vehicle is no longer running, as long as there are usable parts, a junkyard will likely purchase it. 

Pull Parts at Bessler’s U Pull & Save

No matter what you call us, Bessler’s U Pull & Save is the place to go for used auto parts. With locations in Louisville and Hebron, we are the region’s top salvage yard. We’re sure to have the right parts for you. Grab a friend or two and head over to our yard today.