Used Tires for Sale In Cincinnati

Finding high-quality used tires for sale can be difficult. What do you need to look for? Are used tires worth buying? What do you need to know before buying used tires? Learn more about the used tires we have for sale at Bessler’s U Pull & Save!

What you need to know before buying used tires for sale

The primary thing you need to consider is the tread on the tires. The average legal minimum tread depth is 2/32”. The easiest way to test the tread is by doing the penny test: take a penny and flip it upside down so that Lincoln’s head is faced upside down. If you can see above his head, these tires are too worn. If the rubber is partially covering Lincoln’s head, you’re good to go!

Used Tires for Sale

Are used tires really worth buying?

If you can find the right used tires, they are absolutely worth buying. Used tires can be difficult to match to your vehicle, but at Bessler’s U Pull & Save, we have everything from a single tire to complete sets

Used Tires for Sale at Bessler’s U Pull & Save

Bessler’s U Pull & Save has the largest selection of used car tires in the Hebron, KY and Cincinnati, Ohio area. We have thousands of car tires to choose from, and approximately 1,400 tires are under roof. Our customers can quickly locate the used tires they need by viewing Bessler’s online tire inventory.

We are always receiving new inventory and our online tools make it easy to see if we have the tires you are looking for. Search our tires by size, vehicle, or rim size.

At Bessler’s we want to make sure you find what you are looking for and leave happy. For all your used tire needs make sure you stop in and see us.

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