Five Common Myths About Buying Used Tires

Some drivers stay away from used tires, preferring to buy new because they may have some misconceptions about buying tires that have been previously used. What those drivers don’t realize is that oftentimes these used tires have plenty of life left and only cost a fraction of the price.

Myth: Used Tires Are Not Safe

Fact: A tire that is used simply means that it has been mounted before and is not an indication of mileage. A set of used tires could have 150 miles on them or 15,000 miles. Used tires are very safe when they are not worn out.

Myth: Used Tires Are Off-Brands

Fact: Bessler’s U Pull & Save carries used tires from major name brands including:

        • Firestone
        • Bridgestone
        • Michelin
        • Big O
        • BF Goodrich

Myth: Used Tires Can Only Be Purchased in Sets of Four

Fact: Used tires may be sold individually, as well as in sets of two or four, depending on the inventory. If you just need two tires, it is recommended to install them in the front to maintain steering and control while on the road.

Myth: Used Tires Are Only Available for Cars

Fact: Used tires are available for cars, trucks, vans and even motorcycles!

Myth: Used Tires Must Be Purchased with Cash.

Fact: Bessler’s accepts many different forms of payment for used tires.

Used Tires in Hebron, Kentucky

Bessler’s U Pull & Save has a large selection of used tires for nearly every make and model you could imagine. You can even search by tire width, aspect ratio or rim size. Give us a call today at 859-586-6877 and find out if we have the right used tires for you!

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