Used Tires for Sale at Bessler’s 

If you’re looking for used tires for sale in the Louisville area, come to Bessler’s U Pull & Save. We have hundreds of tires ready to be purchased, not to mention the hundreds still on vehicles on our lot. Whether you’re looking for a full set or a single tire, you can find exactly what you need on our lot in Louisville. 

Why Buy Used Tires? 

At Bessler’s, we’re big fans of recycling and doing our part to help the earth. That’s one of the main reasons why we have used tires for sale – by reselling usable tires, we prevent them from going into landfills and causing damage. 

Another reason to buy used tires is simply because new tires are expensive. Our customers come to us for our great selection and prices of auto parts, and our goal is to be able to provide parts for the whole vehicle. Used tires are available at a fraction of the cost of brand-new tires, and often have just as much life left in them. 

Are Used Tires Safe? 

Like any used part, you should make sure that the tires you’re considering purchasing aren’t damaged in any way. Other than a visual inspection, make sure that the tire isn’t over six years old, has even tread wear, and has a deep enough tread. You can learn more about choosing the right used tires for sale on our tires page. 

Purchase Used Tires at Bessler’s in Louisville 

If you’re in the Louisville area, the best place to buy used tires for sale is at Bessler’s U Pull & Save. Located on Strawberry Lane near the airport, we’ve helped hundreds of happy customers find the parts they need to keep their vehicles in top condition. Visit us to check out our inventory today!