Sell Your Junk Car in Cincinnati, Ohio

If you’re considering selling your junk car in Cincinnati, Ohio, come to Bessler’s U Pull & Save in Hebron. Located just 20 minutes south of Cincinnati, we buy almost any vehicle regardless of condition. You’ll be paid based on the value and weight of the metal. In fact, Bessler’s usually pays more than other salvage yards in the Cincinnati area. 

Why should I sell my junk car to Bessler’s? 

At Bessler’s, we purchase all junk vehicles at a fair price. Depending on how old, used, or damaged your vehicle is, you may not be able to trade in your current car or truck to a dealership. If this is the case, selling your junk car to a salvage yard will likely be the best financial decision. The price of metal is always fluctuating, but we can assure you our prices will always be competitive. 

How do I sell my junk car in Cincinnati? 

At Bessler’s, we make the process of selling your junk car as simple as possible. First, fill out the form on our website. Here you’ll fill out your vehicle information, including make and model, year, and condition. Then, we’ll get back to you with a competitive quote. If you choose to accept, the last step is getting the vehicle to our lot. We offer free towing within 30 miles of our salvage yards! 

Sell you junk car to Bessler’s U Pull & Save

If you’re ready to sell your junk car in Cincinnati, fill out our form and get paid for your vehicle today! We accept all types of vehicles, from sedans and trucks to SUVs and motorcycles. Don’t hesitate to contact us us you have any questions.