Before Buying a Used Vehicle, Look at The Tires

When you buy a used vehicle, you buy the used tires that come on it. Make sure to take your time when looking at the tires, because if they are damaged, then you may consider asking for a lower price or looking for another vehicle altogether. After all, if you buy a used vehicle, you shouldn’t have to spend more money replacing the tires!

When looking at a used vehicle, here are some questions that you could consider asking:

  • Does the vehicle need an alignment?
  • How hard has the vehicle been driven?
  • Has the vehicle been in an accident, and if so, are the tires on the vehicle the ones that were in the accident?
  • If the tires need to be replaced, will the person or dealership selling you the car take off the price of the tires (or, even better, replace them before you purchase the vehicle)?
  • If you need to replace the tires yourself, will the tires plus the cost of the vehicle go over your budget?

Always do a thorough review of the tires before making your decision on your new used vehicle. If the tires look old and worn, make sure to check for dry rot or tread depth. If you take a penny and insert the top of Lincoln’s head into the tread and can still see his full head, then the tires are not safe to drive on and should be incorporated as part of the final price.

Finally, always remember to check for a spare. If the spare is still there, check for signs of use or deterioration. If there is no spare, or if it is unusable, also factor that into the price of the vehicle.

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