Salvage Yard

Why You Should Come to A Salvage Yard 

Salvage yards play a large role in the automotive industry. From saving money on parts to helping the environment, there are many reasons why you should go to a salvage yard. Learn more below, then stop by Bessler’s U Pull & Save to save on auto parts today!

Reasons to Go to A Salvage Yard 

Pull/Purchase Inexpensive Auto Parts 

Salvage yards are a great way to find auto parts for your vehicle that don’t cost an arm and a leg. When a vehicle is at the end of the road as far as drivability is concerned, it often still has usable parts that can be put to work in another vehicle for years to come. Those used parts are only a fraction of the cost of brand-new parts – and if you know how to install them yourself, you can save hundreds of dollars at the end of the day! 

Sell Your Junk Car

If your vehicle isn’t drivable anymore, you can sell it to a salvage yard! At Bessler’s U Pull & Save, we will take any vehicle, regardless of condition. The price is based on the value of the metal and weight. If you have a junk car you don’t know what to do with, bring it to a salvage yard. 

Help the Environment 

At Bessler’s, we’re passionate about reusing and recycling junk cars to help the environment. Not only are we helping to keep harmful materials out of landfills, but we’re also helping give auto parts new life. Even if parts can’t be pulled, the scrap metal from the vehicle is recycled. 

Come to the Bessler’s Salvage Yard 

With locations in Hebron and Louisville, Bessler’s U Pull & Save is well-known in the salvage yard industry. Save on car parts, sell your car, and help the environment today!