Save Big on These Recycled Auto Parts

No matter how well you take care of it, after thousands of miles it is likely your car or truck will need a replacement part. Buying directly from the dealership ensures you will get an OEM part, but could cost significantly more than you’re prepared to spend. A recycled part is just as effective as anything you’d find at a local dealership, for a fraction of the price.


Most people would assume that a simple mirror is cheap and easy to replace, but a new rear view mirror or even side mirror could cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. If you were to search for a rear view mirror assembly for a 2012 Infiniti EX35 with all its advanced capabilities, including navigation system integration and around view monitor, you’ll likely find new options that cost more than $1,880. Today’s mirrors are more than just a simple sheet of reflective glass. Modern safety technology has allowed for side mirrors to include features such as blind spot detection, heated glass and power adjustment. Even standard rear view mirrors now come with a temperature gauge or digital compasses. Mirrors on newer vehicles are being made with more elements than their older counterparts. Buying a recycled replacement not only saves you money, but also ensures the part seamlessly connects to your vehicle’s available on-board systems.

Power Window Motors

In the same way a cracked or shattered window can be replaced, a vehicle’s power window motor might also need to be repaired at some point. Older cars featured an electric circuit that was activated by pressing on the interior window switch. Today, newer systems raise or lower the windows through an electrical signal emitted by the vehicle’s onboard computer. Replacing an older system with recycled auto parts would be significantly cheaper than the materials needed to repair an updated window motor. In most cases, a knowledgeable car owner could replace the motor wiring themselves as long as they had the proper parts, tools and know-how.


A vehicle’s alternator helps charge the battery and powers the electrical system. When they start to die, a number of things can go wrong with your car’s electronics. Replacement needs to be handled as soon as possible to ensure the safety of the driver and any potential passengers. A new alternator can cost up to $500, making it a difficult purchase if you’re not prepared. Recycled alternators are a much more cost-effective and guaranteed to be in working order.

Body Panels

Repairing a damaged or dented body panel could quickly become more expensive than you anticipated. The cost to replace a new bumper may include some items that are not standard in many vehicles. These items include but are not limited to accident avoidance sensors as well as automatic parking assist. All together bumper can be several thousand dollars to replace.  Recycled body panels help you save money immediately by including many of those hidden expensive parts.

Premium Recycled Auto Parts

Bessler Auto Parts is a proud member of Team PRP (Premium Recycled Parts), a group made up of the nation’s leading auto recycling companies. By partnering with automotive groups such as the Kentucky Auto and Truck Recyclers Association (KATRA) and United Recyclers Group (URG), we offer high-quality, late model recycled auto parts. Contact us online today for more information or visit one of our four locations in Ohio and Kentucky.